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 Changing a Weapon's Damage or Stats (Beginner)

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PostSubject: Changing a Weapon's Damage or Stats (Beginner)   Tue Feb 14, 2012 4:31 pm

Note: I did not write this tutorial, but in a effort to make this forum into a expansive creation kit library; I will include these helpful tutorials.

This step by step tutorial is intended mostly at those new to the Skyrim
Creation Kit, and it lets you get more familiar with the Skyrim
Creation Kit and it's capabilities. In this lesson, you will learn how
to use the Creation Kit to change a weapon's statistics. For example,
you might want to make the weapon do more damage. Make sure you have
read the previous chapter in this tutorial, as it shows you how to
create a new plugin and load the game with the new plugin. This chapter
assumes you already know how to do this.

1) First, load Skyrim
and check out what weapons your character has. Decide on which weapon
you want to modify (for example, Silver Sword). Note the current damage
value on that weapon.

2) Exit the Game. You cannot modify an active plugin while the game is running.

3) Open the Skyrim Creation Kit

4) In the Object Window, click on "Weapon"

The object window should now be populated with a list of weapons. Click
on "Name" to sort the list by name (Rather then by "Editor ID" which
most likely does not have much meaning to you)

6) Scroll down to the weapon you wanted to modify (for example, Silver Sword)

7) Right Click on the weapon, and choose "Edit"

Cool You should now
see many different modifiable fields. For now, just change the damage.
Put a big number there, such as "1000". Click on OK. Then SAVE the
change to your mod by clicking on the Disk Icon on the top of the

9) Load Skyrim making sure your mod is active under data files. Inspect the weapon and observe that the damage has changed.

10) Time to try it out to see if it really works. A weapon with 1,000
damage per second should kill any enemy with one hit. Enjoy your killing

Credit: Chronodev(ron)
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Changing a Weapon's Damage or Stats (Beginner)
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