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Please make sure to read the new rules and follow them, it is important for modders to receive some feedback and for members to give some feedback. Modders should always include the option of a poll so we have the option to vote on whether the article was helpful or not. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Look on the bottom, there is a chatbox, look also on the right lower corner, there is a chatbox, if you would like more information on this forum, be sure to ask. Many members have no idea why they cannot access certain tutorials and certain files, this link should explain why. -- -- _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Reply to this topic in order to bring the team up. -- -- users replying to that topic will get points towards their promotion, which means higher access to tutorials and files. thanks _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Look on the top tabs of your browser, they should be now scrolling also.... =) _____________________________________________________________________________________________

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PostSubject: Not yet a member? well read this   Tue Feb 14, 2012 5:48 am

Hi all, this is an invitation to people with little experience using the ck or no experience using the ck to learn the mechanics and basics of it.
this is also an invitation for people that want to create retextures or textures out of raw and have no Idea how to do it.
this is also an invitation to experienced modders who know how to import nifs into models and require team's assistance for textures, or integration in the ck.

my experience is as follow:
-painshoppro/photoshop expert for more than 10 years
-experienced with previous ck/modding tools from other games such as fallout, new vegas, and oblivion.
-experienced creating 3d models out of raw for more than 2 years
-very little experience importing nifs into skyrim (I can not yet figure it out)

if you want to create some cool mods along with other people and need assistance learning here is a place to start
if you do not want to join the team, this is not the place to start or join.

this is what we will be doing on a regular day (if you have the time, as we are flexible)
-you will be assigned to do basic things such as making a small change in skyrim with the ck, we will give you instructions and troubleshoot you.
-you will be assigned to retexture a texture of your choice and integrate it to skyrim
-you will be assigned to get acquainted with different tools to import export skyrim files such as BSA handling ESP, NIF, and DDS
-you will be assigned to learn how to create textures using either photoshop or painshoppro (any version)
-you will be assigned to learn how to utilize complex software such as 3ds max or blender to create models
-you will be assigned to learn how to import export nifs in skyrim
-you will be assigned to learn how to integrate your mods into skyrim

this team will go at its own pace at its own manner and time, if you have little time like me (that can only provide to help and build a team) you are also in the right place, we will be doing simple tasks to get you acquainted on how to mod for skyrim (and why not this will also serve for oblivion, new vegas, fallout and any upcoming bethetsa games)

your duty is the following, or should I say the price for being in this team?
-no ditching, once you are in, you are responsible for staying in the team, you are also responsible for putting the team's projects under strict priority over your own projects, you are more than welcome to work on your projects, but this shouldn't take all your attention. united we are better than scattered, if we work together we can accomplish things faster.

what I will personally do for you: I will help you, and I will help you a lot, if you knew nothing, now you will know a lot
what I will require from you: come up with ideas, if many members of the team believe the idea is solid and possible for our expectations I will make sure that it gets developed, begin with simple things, those will usually get achieved faster, we are not about quality, but we a re not about quantity either, we are about both.
other goodies are that in this website you will find plenty of tutorials, the higher rank you are the more access to these tutorials you will have and the chance to post your own tutorials.

so just register, it takes literally 2 minutes to register and you will have plenty of benefits.

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Not yet a member? well read this
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